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Brown Packing Co., Inc. is a beef packing company located in Gaffney, South Carolina. We harvest cows and bulls, buying cattle from stockyards and producers throughout the Southeast. Every day, we strive to produce the best quality products and offer the best service in the industry. Our beef products are favored by names you know and trust in the frozen foods business, fast-food hamburger business, and deli meats business.

A family-owned, family-run business born in Gaffney, Brown Packing supports its local and Upstate South Carolina community. As a business, we are focused on sustainable business practices and ensuring animal welfare.

Our History

Like most successful businesses, Brown Packing started with little funding, big dreams and a commitment to both hard work and customer service. Walter Brown was a cotton farmer who began with a few head of cattle in the late 1930s. The business has changed a lot over the years, but Walter’s industrious spirit, his integrity, and his desire to share his vision with good people is evident in the generation who run the company today.

Mr. Brown started in the meat business in the 1930s, operating out of his home in the Goucher Community of Gaffney, SC. He opened a plant in Gaffney in 1938, which operated under Cherokee Packing Co. and United Beef Company, before being bought by Armour and Company in 1957. Walter and his son, Gene, ran the business until 1975. In October 1977, Brown Packing Co., Inc. was born—or reborn—when it was named and reorganized by Gene and his brother, Jim.

Although Brown Packing is one of the few relatively small, private meat packing companies in the country, Cattle Buyers Weekly listed the company as the 20th Top Beef Packer in the United States. Brown Packing serves some of the largest and most respected names in the food industry. Our products are distributed throughout the United States and exported all over the world.

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History Informs Our Values

At Brown Packing Co., Inc. we believe running a business requires a delicate balance of stability and flexibility. Our standards remain constant while the methods used to meet and to raise them are the result of deliberate and effective change.

Gene Brown passed away on March 16, 2005, but left an indelible mark on the company that he and Jim founded in October 1977. Gene always said, “I’d like to think that no matter how much our process has changed over the years, we’ve always set ourselves apart with service. It’s something everybody talks about, but to us, it means filling the big orders and the smaller ones with the same care. We’re loyal to our customers, and they’re loyal to us.”

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Our Company Values

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Our Company Values

We believe in making the most of our products and creating a sustainable cycle in beef production. As a business, we are focused on sustainable business practices and ensuring animal welfare.

Beef produced in South Carolina and sold worldwide

Brown Packing Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated beef-packing business based in Gaffney, South Carolina. We buy cows and bulls from producers throughout the Southeast, and sell finished beef products to major national brands, as well as through our retail outlet.

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