Food Safety & Quality Assurance

The experience behind the Brown name ensures the best U.S. Livestock for the best price.

Quality is never sacrificed and branded as “value.” While the end goal of the food industry’s products is taste, the driving force is safety. Brown Packing Company is committed to ensuring safety of our meat products, every step of the way.

Exceeding Food Safety Standards

Brown Packing Co. enlists proven methods of pathogen intervention and incorporates the latest industry technology. With close monitoring of our HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program, our quality assurance personnel are part of a team that strives to exceed government standards. Brown Packing’s beef plant is 100% USDA Inspected with USDA food safety inspectors on-site during all hours of production. The facilities are annually audited by an independent third-party firm to certify that best practices are used when it comes to food safety and animal welfare.

Our Animal Welfare Policies

Professional Laboratory Analysis

We have partnered with IEH Laboratory and Consulting Group to provide analytical support in our plant on the beef products we produce. They provide us with a dedicated team with expertise in microbiological testing and data interpretation.

Should you have questions about our quality assurance, please contact Kenny Carpenter, Quality Assurance Manager, at 864.649.8283.


Food Safety Certifications

Brown Packing Co. beef-packing plant and grinding plant are BRCGS Food Safety certified. This ensures that our plant is up-to-code in areas including HACCP, traceability, food fraud prevention, management commitment, and food safety culture. Our facility manages many different aspects of the beef industry and we are proud to be up to BRCGS standards throughout our operation.

Learn more about the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard

Beef produced in South Carolina and sold worldwide

Brown Packing Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated beef-packing business based in Gaffney, South Carolina. We buy cows and bulls from producers throughout the Southeast, and sell finished beef products to major national brands, as well as through our retail outlet.

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Beef Quality Assurance & Food Safety | Brown Packing

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