Vendor Partnerships & Beef Packing Supply Procurement

At Brown Packing Co., Inc. we take pride in selecting vendors who share our values.

We partner with companies and people who are ethical, hardworking, and conscientious of our needs. We strongly value humane practices, quality products, and respectful relationships. We take pride in our good reputation of maintaining long relationships with our vendors and customers.

Become a Cattle Procurement Vendor

If you’re interested in being a cattle procurement vendor for Brown Packing, please visit our cattle procurement page.

  • Sloan Bradford is responsible for procurement of all the production supplies and materials necessary for operations. Interested businesses may contact Sloan at [email protected] or 864-649-8093.
  • Bailey Humphries is responsible for procurement of all supplies, tools, equipment, and materials for the maintenance teams to perform their work. Interested businesses may contact Bailey at [email protected] or 864-649-8106.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to our support team by calling 864-489-5723.

Learn about our Cattle Procurement

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