Sustainable Beef Production and Processing

At Brown Packing Company, we understand that our industry does not and should not operate in isolation. Through smart partnerships and cooperation, we can improve sustainability in the cattle and food industries. That’s why Brown Packing manages two divisions to improve sustainability: Allied Renewal, which recycles cooking oil and agriculture byproducts, and Organic Alternative Solutions, which processes manure into compost and soil.


Promoting Sustainability through our Partner Companies


Allied Renewal is the division of Brown Packing Co., Inc. that collects and recycles used cooking oil and other food product waste generated in the food industry. We also collect and recycle agricultural waste products generated by livestock producers, harvest facilities, and food processors. We then manufacture finished products for use in animal feed and alternative fuels.

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Organic Alternative Solutions is the division of Brown Packing Co., Inc. that processes the cattle manure from our barns and harvest process. The division provides a line of fine products to the lawn care and construction industries. Some of the products we make include compost, mulch, topsoil, and other specialty blends of products.

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