Quality Assurance

The experience behind the Brown name ensures the best U.S. Livestock for the best price. Quality is never sacrificed and relabeled as “value.”

The end consumer may say the first consideration in the food industry is taste. Brown Packing agrees with that, but safety must be placed at the forefront to assure ultimate customer satisfaction. Brown enlists proven methods of pathogen intervention and incorporates the latest technology in cleansing. With close monitoring of our HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program, our quality assurance personnel are part of a team that strives to exceed government standards. Brown Packing’s beef plant is 100% USDA Inspected with USDA food safety inspectors on-site during all hours of production. The facilities are annually audited by an independent third party firm to certify that best practices are used when it comes to food safety and animal welfare.

Ike Baker is our Quality Assurance Manager and you may reach him at [email protected] or 864-649-8095.


Laboratory Analysis

We have partnered with IEH Laboratory and Consulting Group to provide analytical support in our plant on the beef products we produce.  They provide us with a dedicated team with expertise in microbiological testing and data interpretation.

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