Animal Welfare

At Brown Packing Co., Inc., we are committed to humane handling and slaughtering of cattle. Our company strives to uphold the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) five freedoms which state that animal should have:

  1. Freedom from hunger, thirst, and malnutrition
  2. Freedom from fear and distress
  3. Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort
  4. Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  5. Freedom to express normal patterns of behavior

In order to ensure animal welfare, we have created a robust animal welfare system, which follows the NAMI guidelines and is third party audited on a yearly basis. Included in our company's handling program, an internal animal welfare audit is performed weekly to continually improve and monitor the facilities and employees. With our program, our company prides itself on the fact that we have established action plans for all aspects of handling throughout the process, which allows us to take immediate actions if required. The company also has two certified PAACO auditors on staff as well as a staff member certified in BQA transportation of cattle for truckers and farmers. We also uphold a strict training and retraining program for all employees that handle live cattle in our facility. By staying educated and informed on the newest studies, technologies and practices in the industry we seek to provide the most humane environment possible for the cattle at our facility.

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